Treadmill Repair Services

Treadmill seem like it just doesn’t operate the same as you remembered. off balanced tracks can lead to a list of problems that can cost you more if you wait to address the problem later than soon. If you have a good treadmill you understand that the cost of the repair or adjustment to the track can be next to nothing compared to motor replacement. The thing is any issues in the track cause strain to the treadmill motor and loss of the motor all together. There can be warning signs if you listen. Get familiar with your treadmill. Do not ignore the warnings. I have heard walking the treadmill daily can add years to year life as well a quality of life that can mean something as well So you will want to do your best to keep it running smooth to keep you life healthy and running just as smooth.

Does your Treadmill:

*Does it Feel like the belt is stopping, slowing, stalling or slipping while in use in the middle of you workout?

*Have a strange burning smell or “rubbery” smell?

*Does not power up, or it powers up but the belt is not moving?

*Is now making a strange noise?

*Getting some strange “error code” on the display?

Getting cold in Kansas city, you know this means holidays and food! Check you treadmill today, Get your routine down for the winter months that can tend to be the months of the year any diet can be hard the watch. Taking care of access weight now by walking that treadmill is preventative to heart disease, high blood pressure, stress. Staying on top of the diet can save your life and at the worst case scenario you will be fit and in shape for the spring. Motivated people own treadmills, anything else you will see treadmills dusty and moved to a basement only wasting money. If you are a motivated person and your treadmill has an issue that you are not able to use it properly to gain all the benefits. You should give Stride Fitness a call and set up a time to have it serviced. Stride Fitness has been in business decades and if you do not recognize the name we would love the chance to earn your business.

Do you own a gym, Are you responsible for equipment? He can make you shine. Stride fitness works on all brands and all exercise equipment as well to make the most of a visit to any facility we are called to. Any job we can handle.